OPENING MAY 2010 in STEWART British Columbia, CANADA 

    The Bear River Interpretive Centre is a private  initiative of a French naturalist,      Jean-Louis IMBS


    This centre is dedicated to our BEARS and SALMONS. The mission of the Bear River Interpretive Center (the BRIC) is to connect People and Nature through EDUCATION, RESEARCH and CONSERVATION.

    The need for our continuing work to benefit the bears, the salmons and their habitat is growing in a rapid pace. With your help we can join together in a growing educational and conservational partnership.

    The BRIC is open to all of you, the local community as well as all the tourists coming to Stewart and Hyder to enjoy the beautys of Nature! 

     http://amisdesours.com = access to our blog in French 

    http://mvfram.blogspot.com = Follow Jean-Louis IMBS in the Arctic and in  Antarctica where as naturalist he gives lectures on wildlife and climate change. 

    Polar bears are at high risk! See this video on Youtube "Polar bear on thin ice"